renovare – custom signage

Renovare is a client who I had previously done some photography and advertisements for. They sell countertops.

The owners wanted a custom illuminated sign, but no local business offered what they had in mind. I have a history with metal working, woodworking, and electrical, so I took up the challenge. They were thrilled with the results!

I love the challenge of this sort of project, the problem solving, learning new things, finding the pieces and figuring out how they fit together. I get giddy when things go well, when it starts to come together and when I know I’m making something that will make someone happy. I also love designing off the computer and the the shop, with a pencil, my hands, and some tools.

The letters were cut from plywood on a band saw. I formed the metal sheathing from aluminum flashing and tacked it to the plywood. The light sockets came loose from Action Lighting in the USA. I drilled holes in the wood letters and fit the sockets in, then I ran wire across them all. I could not find a supplier in the GTA, if anyone knows where I can find these vampire sockets, send a message!

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