AccessAbility 2

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD), in association with the Province of Ontario, has published a handbook to accessible environmental, graphic, and digital design. I was fortunate enough to be asked to contribute as a co-author. It is the second edition of the handbook and it combines the first edition (2010) and supplemental web edition (2015) into a comprehensive omnibus.

For a comprehensive design rationale behind the book, visit Adam Rallo’s (the lead author’s) blog post about it [link opens in new tab]

To download the guide for free, or to order print copies for a small fee, visit: [link opens in new tab]

The authorship team:

Lead Author:
Adam Rallo, RGD

Edmund Li, RGD
Eric Forest, RGD
James Kuo, RGD
Randal Boutilier, RGD

In addition to drawing from established sources, Adam’s authorship efforts represent a significant amount of original research using inclusive, user-centric methods. The handbook has prescriptive elements, but it also emphasizes that “accessibility” is not something we can achieve by simply meeting standards. Instead, we propose that universal access will come about through ongoing inclusion in design process.

In this image, Eric and Randal are taking stock of the scope of the previous work, and the work that lies ahead.

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