Blind Woodworking

George Wurtzel and a blind student use a router is a project that hopes to leverage the knowledge of expert blind woodworkers to help mainstream instructors better serve blind students. The bulk of the teaching content is formed around 10 Teaching Principles that instructors can keep in mind while planning their lessons. The teaching principles will be familiar to many instructors, but we explore their unique deployments when it comes to serving blind and visually impaired students.

The webpage is a living resource that invites comments and the addition of helpful sources. In addition to the original research, I have linked to manuals written by blind woodworkers, for blind woodworkers, on tool use. You can visit it at the link below [link opens in a new tab]:

I need to extend a special thanks to blind woodworking instructors George Wurtzel, Jeff Thompson, and Clay Gurganus, whose input forms the foundation of the webpage.

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