Vintage radio…with Bluetooth?

Image of an old clock radio, with the cover off, exposing the inner electronics.

There are so many gorgeous radio designs. But it can be hard to justify keeping them around when they only play cassettes or CDs. Many of these radio sound and look fantastic – especially the old tube radios. It’s just downright sad when they sit unused.

So I thought, can I keep these radios mostly stock while adding Bluetooth, so that they can be used today, and for as long as Bluetooth is a thing?

Yes, I can.

In this instance the Bluetooth module ($10, Ebay) is tapped right into the volume control. It’s kind of like I took the wires that normally bring the audio signal to the speaker and replaced them with mine. I put them on a switch, so it can be reversed, which isn’t quite ideal. In theory I could simply use the existing AM/FM/Tape selector switch, and replace the least used position (probably AM) with Bluetooth. But I want to find a nicer radio to do that with.

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