Legal Marketing

Legal Marketing (meaning the marketing of legal services) is such a huge and specialized sector of marketing that it has its own awards show. Client needs can take on an idiosyncratic character. At Gowling WLG, we tried to turn that into an advantage by pushing deep into the client’s world in an effort to speak to them.

Out of context these might seem nonsensical. But positioned in-context, in trade journals and conferences, it cut deep. All of the while maintaining brand consistency, of course.

As a team member on these campaigns my role ranged from graphic designer, to writer, to photo editor, right down to staging and photographing the actual content.

Graphic Designer: Eric Forest
Art Director: Shiloh Taylor
Copywriters: Rose Hendry, Alison Crone, Chris Torbay, Eric Forest
Digital Imaging and Staging: Eric Forest

Energy Sector:

Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law:

Yes, I actually made and photographed a fake Fabergé egg to sell legal services. My mom says mine is just as nice as the real thing.

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