Smiley the typewriter

When I was in university I was young and thought that I’d have a guaranteed job on graduation, since that’s what my guidance councillor told me. Consequently my behaviour at part time jobs was cavalier enough that I was regularly asked to relocate.

At one point I was working at an auto junkyard. I loved it – in the sun, picking up heavy stuff all day, eating off the chip truck, getting a little dirty, and napping in the bed of my truck. Plus I love cars and rummaging.

I found this typewriter there, it was a mess, needed some TLC. Bringing it back to life stressed my brain a little but I managed.




(partially anyhow)

Old stuff is so cool. I have immeasurable appreciation for anything that works with semi-conductors (computers, smartphones, refridgerators, modern cars even). But you cant watch a computer work, and there is a certain pleasure in seeing gears spin that imbues mechanical devices with an artistic quality.

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